Scalpels, Blades and Cutters
- General SIgnmakers Tools:

Product Single Price Box Price
Snap-off knife (48 in a box). £0.89 ea £27.60
(box of 48)
Individual RETRACTAWAY retractable scalpel handles
to be used with 10A blades. Makes the scalpel safer to use.
£6.79 ea n/a
No. 3 steel handles to be used with 10A blades (10 per box). £4.96 ea £34.72
(box of 10)
No. 10A replacement blades for the above (100 per box). n/a £16.47
(box of 100)
Tweezers for weeding.
Stainless steel weeding tweezers (10 per box).
£4.62 ea £32.28
(box of 10)
STAHLS' EZ Weeder.
Weeding tool for Stahls’ heat transfer films for garment decoration: allows you to weed away the most detailed design cavities with ease - a 'must-have' tool for Stahls' heat transfer films for garment decoration.
£19.59 ea n/a
Yellow metal ruler. Non-slip:
500mm long ruler
1000mm long ruler
1500mm long ruler

£42.29 ea
£62.11 ea
£84.15 ea


High quality scalpels, safety cutters, scalpel blades, tweezers and yellow metal safety rulers.

Ancillaries for garment Graphics:

STAHLS' EZ Weeder vinyl weeding tool.STAHLS' EZ Weeder

This tool facilitates easy weeding of CAD-CUT and CAD-COLOR transfer films

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