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Anti-Bacterial Fluid For Hand Sanitisation & Surface Cleansing: Green-Clean

Green-Clean is a lemon scented anti-bacterial spray in 60ml bottles for portable hand sanitisation, as well as available in 1L bottles for surface cleansing.

Green-Clean anti-bacterial hand spray fluid for effective sanitisation against coronovirus, bacteria and viruses. Shown in 2 bottle sizes, the green coloured fluid is seen here in the smaller portable hand sized 60ml bottle and this is stood next to the larger 1 Litre bottle which is used for cleansing surfaces.We have turned our lab over from R&D on cleaners / degreasers to producing hand sanitisers as we have most of the raw materials here.

The key feature is an alcohol by volume content of 60%.

Not many similar products that you can buy from the High Street are 60%. Most do not actually publish, 40% is considered ineffective against coronavirus.

  • >60% alcohol by volume content

  • Available to ship today (while stocks last!)

Key Features

>60% alcohol by volume content

Bottle Sizes

Box of hand sprays:
50 off x 60ml for £4.80 each = £240 per box.

Box of surface cleaner:
10 off x 1L for £36.00 each = £360 per box.
Surface cleaner is the same formulation as the 60ml spray bottles so can also be used on hands.

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Payments by Credit / Debit card only.

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For more information and enquiries contact our sales team by emailing: sales@allprint.co.uk