Internal Floor Laminates Introduction

A complete range of internal floor laminates for all types of promotional floor graphics from 1-12 months internally.

All are rated for this application, generally using the DIN 51130 standard for shod feet.

Our interpretation of DIN 51130 is that the products are rated between R9 (the lowest) and R13 (the highest).

Floor surfaces classified R9 and 10 are not acceptable in wet, slippery, oily and greasy floor conditions in the UK.

In summary

  • R9 should only be used suitable for dry areas only and is a high risk in wet areas.
  • R10 rated products are for areas that are kept largely dry.
  • R11 are for transitional areas that can occasionally be wet and we have a couple of products that meet R11.
  • R12 are for wet areas or slopes and R13 for very wet areas or slopes and are not locations where we would recommend floor graphics.

You need a minimum of R12 and ideally R13 rating for any slopes.

For bare feet, testing is generally carried out against DIN 51097 and then categorised A (worst), B or C (best).

For areas such as swimming pools, bathrooms, showers etc. then a ‘C’ Rating is recommended.

Technical Advice and Support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of our media, call our sales office on:

01753 696977 for the Southern Office
01709 829800 for the Northern Office