The quick and easy way to wet apply vinyl graphics, RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL (pink colour) application fluid can significantly improve the adhesive bond compared with soapy water.

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  • Sold in 946ml (32oz) bottles with sprayer or in 3.7L refill bottles.


RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL (pink colour) application fluid.

The quick and easy way to apply vinyl graphics wet.

Compared with soapy water, RAPIDTAC can significantly improve the adhesive bond.

Independent laboratory tests show 300% improvement in adhesion after 6 hours and 50% after 24 hours, with the final adhesion values over 10% higher.

This increase in adhesion values, shortly after application, allows application tapes to be removed very quickly, resulting in shorter field visits.

RAPIDTAC speeds up application times, eliminates bubbling and wrinkling, helps application in cold and hot weather and makes the final result look consistently professional, especially on glass.

  1. Shake the bottle of RAPIDTAC well and using strips of masking tape, position the graphic image.
  2. Lift the image and use RAPIDTAC sparingly to spray the substrate. Remove the liner from the film and place the self-adhesive image on the wet surface.
  3. Finalise the position of the decal. Squeegee out the excess liquid, working from the centre outwards in all directions to enable the adhesive to start bonding. Wait 2-3 minutes.
  4. Spray the RAPIDTAC fluid directly onto the application tape, then remove the tape slowly, pulling diagonally. Wipe over the surface with a paper towel.

Use in a well ventilated area.

Due to the varying condition of paintwork and substrates, apply to a test area first.

Refer to our data sheets for further information.

How to use ‘RAPIDTAC ORIGINAL and RAPIDTAC II application fluids to quickly and easily ‘wet apply’ vinyls to windows and other surfaces

A video to demonstrate how using either of these two application fluids will help your vinyl installations go up much faster and easier and with no ‘milking of the adhesive’ either! (6 mins 46 secs).

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