Sign Media Introduction

Our sign media range of coloured vinyls is the most extensive you will find in the UK and features some of the industry’s top brands.

All products in our sign media ranges are available off-the-shelf.
We consider 50M, 25M and 10M lengths as standard although you can buy as little as 1M if required …and all on a next-day delivery nationwide if you order a standard construction before 6pm, except for Fridays which is 5.30pm.
We can also slit the width of the roll down if needed, sheet to size and sprocket.

CURRENTLY SOLD OUT DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - The GALAXY vinyl colour guide exclusive to All Print Supplies, fanned out in a full circle showing all the CAD vinyls colours in our ranges.To make life a little easier for you and to help you promote your business to your customers we recently launched ‘The Galaxy’ vinyl colour guide ***SOLD OUT DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND***. This is similar to a Pantone® ink swatch but for coloured vinyls and features:

  • 656 gloss colours
  • 194 matt colours
  • 140 metallics
  • 192 speciality sign media products

All the colours we stock are in this one guide.
It is 2” thick, weighs nearly 1kg, but is still portable enough to carry around for client meetings, surveys etc. and will save wasting time trying to find a dozen individual swatches.
It is a ‘Limited Edition’ guide and is CURRENTLY REDUCED to only £48 each!

There are currently over 20 different vinyl ranges in the swatch from 3-5 year monomeric films right up to 10-12 year cast PVC films. We have also included wrapping films, polyesters, translucents, transparent tints, reflectives, fluorescents, photo luminescents, etch glass films and many more to make this a true one-stop tool.

Vinyl Colour Matching

Comparing, visually measuring and recording our range of colour sign vinyls against Pantone colours in our Pantone Colour Booth.To help solve some of the problems associated with matching sign vinyl colours try our ‘APS Colour Picker’ tool on our website, this will let you know instantly whether we have a match to a particular Pantone® and how close we believe the match is. We have selected the closest colour match regardless of manufacturer to the Pantone® printing ink colour, and in the event of a tie in vinyl colour matches we have selected the most durable vinyl. If there is no match then bear in mind we also offer bespoke Pantone® colour matched vinyls for as little as 1 x 50M roll.


  • 1.5D The monomeric vinyls have little stretch and are generally for flat-sided applications but can be used on gentle curved surfaces. For concave and recessed areas the thicker speciality films should be cut.
  • 2D Generally a conformable polymeric. For convex areas use heat, for concave and recessed areas the film should be cut.
  • 2.5D Conformable thin cast PVC generally 50µ-60µ. The thinner films may whiten if stretched too far. The thicker cast films are still conformable but the texture, heavy flake pattern or gloss level may distort when stretched and heated. For convex, concave and recessed areas use heat and post-heat.
  • 3D Very conformable cast generally 50µ single or 80µ dual layer cast. For convex, concave and recessed areas use heat and post-heat.

Adhesive types

  •  ‘solvent permanent’ adhesives are our general preference. Solvent based acrylic adhesives are more forgiving at low application temperatures and do not whiten when applied wet and cold. Excellent temperature resistance in service and very durable externally.
  •  ‘acrylic permanent’ adhesive is a lower cost version of the ‘solvent permanent’. The adhesive can milk when applied wet and cold and the application temperature range is narrower.
  •  ‘solvent removable’ adhesive is a solvent based acrylic adhesive that is more forgiving at low application temperatures and that allows removal of the vinyl from common surfaces without leaving adhesive residue, typically for up to 2 years after application.
  •  ‘acrylic removable’ adhesive is a lower cost version of the ‘solvent removable’ that allows the removal of the vinyl from common surfaces without leaving adhesive residue, typically for up to 1 year after application.

Outdoor life

  •  Vertical exposure in the UK.
  •  For horizontal exposure (on roofs and bonnets) typically halve the vertical life.

Technical Advice and Support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of our media, call our sales offices on:

01753 696977 for the Southern Office
01709 829800 for the Northern Office