Solvent Printing: A Guide For Producing & Installing Wallpaper Prints

Laminating solvent printed wallpaper Lamination of our wallpaper is not recommended. Protecting your solvent printed wallpaper prints To protect the wallpaper prints from abrasion, dirt and moisture we would recommend the application of a Decorators Varnish, such as a clear acrylic coating. This type of varnish should protect the print against water, mild abrasion and […]

Key Stages For Digital Wallcovering Projects: Hints And Tips

Below are a summary of the points and key stages in the survey, preparation, printing and fitting of digital wall covering graphics. Site survey The most critical part of any wall graphic contract. It is important that an actual physical onsite survey is carried out to check and verify the following area. Site location Where […]

Signage and Advertising – UK Guide to Planning Permissions

Outdoor Advertisements and Signs: A Guide For Advertisers The rules and regulations relating to outdoor advertisements and signs are rather complicated so we have put together some information to help keep our customers within the required standards. Temporary Notices Temporary notices up to 0.6 square metres relating to local events, such as street parties and […]

Conspicuity Marking Requirements On Goods Vehicles: FTA Compliance Guide

Introduction The Department for Transport (DfT) has committed to implementing European legislation on the fitment of conspicuity markings to large goods vehicles. These markings effectively illuminate the outline of a vehicle at night by reflection from the headlights of vehicles following behind. DfT’s research estimates the potential to prevent 76 killed and serious injury accidents […]

Photoluminescent Vinyl For Indoor Signage

PH150 Green Promotional Grade Glow-in-the-dark Photoluminescent vinyl for internal use. PH150 is a very economical glow in the dark vinyl for sign making, with a green luminescent colour. Being relatively thin, at 165µ, it is easy to cut on a vinyl plotter. PH150 has a high gloss, very smooth face film. It is designed for internal […]