Inks for Solvent Printing

Nazdar Inks: Our range of digital solvent printing ink cartridges for the leading eco-solvent printers in the UK

We launched the Nazdar range of digital solvent inks in September 2010 and they have proved to be no-fuss, 'plug and play' inks for the leading eco-solvent printers in the UK.

We already have well over 100 installations to customers in the UK who are seeing the benefit of the fantastic savings which are on offer!

Made in the United Kingdom.In addition, all the Nazdar inks we sell are manufactured in the UK so you can be sure you get what you pay for!

Simply plug these inks in and you are ready to go...
There's no need to flush out your old OEM inks, just mix 'n' match ink cartridges.

Our comprehensive range of digital inks for the leading eco-solvent printers in the UK market has followed extensive testing on our own in house printers.
These inks are almost identical in colour to the OEM inks, so no need for re-profiling.
An additional benefit is they are low odour. The inks are supplied by Nazdar.

Nazdar have been making ink since 1922 and established a digital ink division way back in 1995.
This knowledge and expertise allows Nazdar to offer the Industry's strongest third-party warranty.
Nazdar warrants Lyson Series Ink to withstand exterior exposure without material deterioration when viewed under normal conditions for a period of up to two years.
(For full warranty statement go to:

We launched Nazdar Lyson's 1302 series of low odour inks similar to the SS2 inks for the Mimaki JV3 printer and these were quickly followed by their 133 series (SS21) inks for the Mimaki JV33 and JV5 printers.

Then came the 2000 series low odour inks similar to the Eco-Sol Max inks for the Roland DG range of printers.

Our latest addition is the Nazdar 155 ink for high speed Mimaki JV5 printers running hard solvent inks (HS) which are perfect for high volume printing.

We also now offer Nazdar's 910 series of low odour inks for older HP9000S and HP10000S printers that were running HP 790 inks.

Our very latest launch is Nazdar's 202 series, inks which are designed for the new generation of Roland DG Printers running Eco-Sol Max2 inks (XF, XR, VSi, RF). They offer improved drying times to cope with the increased print speeds of the new machines.

Nazdar bulk ink system for solvent inkjet printers installed on our Mimaki JV33 printer - it's attractive, functional and saves you money! For those customers who want to save more money we have been installing bulk ink systems for Roland and Mimaki printers.
See potential future ink savings of over 50%

The ink is less than half the cost of OEM cartridges, the cost of installation is typically around £400 - £500 dependent on printer.
The installation is carried out by a professional engineer and takes less than half a day to complete.
The bulk ink system is the most reliable we have found but they require a little more care than a traditional cartridge system.

Use the links above for more specific information on these great quality and fantastic value digital inks for eco-solvent or solvent inkjet printers.

Nazdar ink cartridges and ink delivery systems from All Print Supplies Ltd. This photo is a collage of the various ink products we have to offer our customers to help you make significant savings when compared to OEM inks. These inks from Nazdar Lyson are designed for a variety of solvent and eco-solvent wide format inkjet printers.