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Printable floor graphic vinyls for short and longer-term flooring campaigns.
Streetrap is the more durable product. Dot Floor and FV6 Floortex are ‘one-part’ products for shorter-term promotional campaigns.
For a general summary of Slip Ratings for floor products read our Summary Of Slip Ratings article.
We have put together a PDF guide to help you specify media for your floor projects – click here to download our Floor Graphics Application PDF Guide.

85µ white matt vinyl with a very aggressive permanent adhesive. Designed for application to slightly rough pedestrian surfaces like concrete and asphalt with an outdoor life of 3-6 months when laminated with FloorGrip or StreetLam respectively.
Monomeric fire rated print vinyls with MaxGRAB (M) max grab permanent clear UV polyacrylate adhesives. Matt white face film with our tackiest and strongest adhesive for the widest range of difficult surfaces and the most demanding short-term applications on rougher surfaces. Made in the UK.