A range of retro-reflective vehicle safety films, fluorescent sign vinyls and glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent signage films for most applications.

    Avery Dennison SF 8i Bomb Blast
    Avery Dennison SF 8i Bomb Blast window protection film is certified to GSA Level C "3B". A fire rated, 200µ optically clear, non-PVC polyester film for flat-sided window applications, such as office windows.
    Fluorescent Films
    From Avery Dennison and Mactac, two ranges of eye-catching fluorescent sign vinyls suitable for most applications, including high impact and promotional signage, in cast and monomeric vinyl constructions.
    K74111 Luminescent
    Gloss white 'glow-in-the-dark' photoluminescent cast vinyl for external use and our longest lasting photoluminescent in terms of afterglow and life cycle. Our thinnest and most conformable luminescent film and meets the requirements of DIN-67510PI for luminosity allowing it to be used for more industrial type safety signs. Made in the UK.
    KPMF K74500 Ultra Destruct Series
    Cast ultra destruct PVC's from KPMF for anti-vandal or security applications (tamper proofing) in gloss white and matt white. Brittle 50µ cast films with a high tack adhesive that will break up when removed. Once applied it will become tamper proof in around 20 minutes. Made in the UK.
    Oralite 5200 Economy Series Reflective
    Economy Series Reflective film - 80µ conformable cast PVC which has excellent adhesion, good long term removability, and is also suitable for Solvent, Latex and UV printers.
    Oralite 5400 Commercial Series Reflective
    90µ cast PVC flexible reflective sign vinyl made to classification RA1, design A (former type 1) and is suitable for Solvent, Latex and UV printers.
    Oralite 5500 Engineering Series Reflective
    110µ cast PVC reflective film with watermarking, suitable for traffic control and lettering applications. This series complies with EN12899-1 (RA1; design A) and ASTM D4956-09 (Type I sheeting) and the colours in daylight comply with the specifications of this class (RA1; design A).
    Reflective Films
    A range of retro-reflective films from Oralite for most applications.

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