Wrapping Long Term

A selection of quality, self-adhesive cast print vinyls for long term wrapping projects. Designed for use on flat and curved surfaces.

    MPI 1104
    An opaque gloss white 3D cast wrap with a permanent but repositionable grey adhesive on a staflat liner.
    MPI 1104 EA
    The easy-apply version of MPI 1104, with the same opaque gloss white 3D cast wrap film, but with Avery Dennison's Easy Apply™ Technology to ensure entrapped air can easily be rubbed out without the need to puncture the film.
    MPI 1105 EA RS
    Avery Dennison's top of the range digital cast wrapping film with best-in-class 3D conformability for the most demanding private vehicle and commercial fleet wraps, featuring Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology.

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