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Application Fluids

A complete range of signmaking fluids developed to assist with removal of old adhesive, surface preparation / surface cleaners and fluids for use in wet application of graphics.

Promotes adhesion to any surface that is difficult to get vinyl adhesive to adhere to, such as, PET, PP, ABS, PET/PBT blends, concrete, wood, glass, metal, painted metal and helps improve vinyl adhesion where vinyl will be stretched or heated into concave areas and for use on complex vehicle contours.
Specifically designed for cleaning and degreasing vehicles in preparation for adhesive application prior to wrapping, and has been recommended for degreasing surfaces before graphic installation by Fedrigoni.
Some application fluids from Avery Dennison to help apply your adhesive signs quicker and easier, including 'Surface Cleaner' which is the best cleaner and degreaser we have found.
A water based primer used mainly to prepare the substrate to receive LX Hausys BENIF Interior films. Particularly suitable for priming MDF.
We have been selling the RAPIDTAC range of application fluids for over 20 years, and have hundreds of regular UK customers that love them for removing old adhesive, and for wet application.