Non-PVC Print Media

In order to enable our customers with the creative options they need in the graphic display market for retail, office, leisure projects and more, we are able to provide some alternatives to PVC based products for Solvent, Latex and UV printing.

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    APS ClingSIL - Polyester Window Films
    Two ‘easy to apply’ non-PVC polyester films in White or Clear options with silicone adhesive - ideal for internal window decorations on glass and other similar smooth surfaces, but can also be used for selective external applications onto glass for 18 to 24 months.
    An opaque self adhesive repositionable and removable non-PVC fabric for wall graphics with a dark grey coverall adhesive. Fire rated, resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations and suitable for long term indoor and short term outdoor use.
    APS Guardian Print
    A 60µ, fire rated matt white non-PVC print film for Latex and UV inks with a grey opaque removable adhesive. 100% Chlorine free and Phthalate free.
    A 280µ matt white, non-PVC fabric with an opaque silver/grey back light-stop for roll-up displays. Hangs flat with minimum edge curl and has a scuff resistant surface. For UV printing only.
    A non-PVC, 200µ satin white, ferrous printable PET film that can be used in combination with our 0.55mm MAGNETIC self-adhesive wall magnet vinyl to create mess-free, simple to place and replace 'quick change' interchangeable graphics for retail and Point Of Sale signs.
    Krea Blackback Soft 1056-16
    A 240gsm woven, black backed, single-side coated 100% polyester fabric with a black backing suitable for suspended banners, displays, frontlit banners, blockout banners, roll-up banners, stage sets and as a textile wallpaper. This product is PVC free.
    Krea Speedy 911-11
    A 180gsm woven fire rated polyester fabric for both frontlit and backlit tension display frames and is water-resistant, fire rated, crease-free, water-tight and air-tight, with good flatness. This product is PVC free.
    Matt front print PET backlit display film. A 200µ non-PVC polyester 'night and day' film optimised for light box advertising graphics. For Solvent, Latex and UV inks.
    Nu-Print ‘O’ Series non-PVC
    A range of non-PVC, fire rated polypropylene self-adhesive print films for Latex and UV printing with a 4 year outdoor life. A cost effective alternative to PVC films. Made in the UK.
    Satin finished front print backlit display film. A 220µ non-PVC polyester 'night and day' film optimised for light box advertising with Solvent, Latex and UV printing inks.
    Sihl 3454
    A bright white, thick 240gsm PE coated glossy photo paper for optimal stiffness with a coating for improved drying with the structure of both the base material and the coating ensuring a robust surface for long-lasting interior use, even without lamination. PVC free.
    Sihl 3529 SyntiSOL
    170µ satin white polypropylene non-PVC print film with easy-tack self-adhesive designed for easily moving and repositioning graphics on smooth surfaces with no adhesive residue. Good scratch and scuff resistance and a more environmentally friendly option than PVC for recycling.
    Sihl 3629 SyntiSOL
    A non-PVC, 170µ satin white PP film with a waterproof coating, this lightweight semi opaque film has a paper like appearance with excellent durability and tear resistance, suitable for roll-ups and other applications.  
    Sihl 3683 TriSolv
    Blue backed, 135gsm self-adhesive glossy poster paper which can be used as an instant cover-all poster, or as a more eco-friendly alternative to vinyls on boards. It will not stretch when mounted and can be used unlaminated. PVC free.
    Sihl 3686 TriSolv
    200gsm gloss outdoor poster paper and our best-selling and premium poster paper, with the most vibrant print quality and added bonus of superior water, scratch and fade resistance. The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests. PVC free.
    Sihl 3687 TriSolv
    Blue backed cover-all, 130gsm opaque satin outdoor poster paper with excellent wet strength properties typically lasting 2-3 months outdoors unlaminated. Base paper sourced from certified managed forests. PVC free.

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