Writing Boards

Writing board films for the most popular blackboard and wipeboard  applications.

    BB160 Blackboard
    160µ matt PVC film, coated to help it receive a variety of chalks - the easy way to create a blackboard / chalkboard.
    DW150 White Wipeboard
    150µ gloss white hybrid polyester / PVC film for write on / wipe-off applications - this is the best wipe-board film we have ever seen. It works with all dry-wipe pens we have tested and is recommended for dry application only.
    T26-P Gloss
    A non-PVC, Gloss clear dry-wipe laminate for creation of write-on/wipe-off wipeboards and anti-graffiti applications. The specially treated surface provides a one wipe solution resulting in no ghosted images or ink residues left behind - the surface is completely clean again after only a few effortless wipes.
    Matt black textured semi-rigid blackboard vinyl, with a 4 year outdoor life that can be plotter cut.

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