Pantone/Vinyl Colour Picker

Match Pantone® gloss spot colour printing inks to sign vinyl colours with this easy colour picker tool.

Only the BEST vinyl colour match is shown on this website, but in some cases we have identified more than one vinyl per Pantone® colour, so call us to discuss alternative vinyl/adhesive suggestions.


Vinyl colour sample request

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APS visual colour match ratings explained

3 STAR visual rating = excellent colour match = Excellent to Good Pantone® colour printing ink match
2 STAR visual rating = good match = Good to Fair Pantone® colour printing ink match
1 STAR visual rating = poor colour match = Fair to Poor Pantone® colour printing ink match
1 RED STAR visual rating = no colour match = Poor to No Pantone® colour printing ink match

The ‘APS Colour Picker’ tool will let you know instantly whether we have a match to a particular Pantone® and how close we believe the match is.
There are currently 12 different coloured vinyl ranges in our swatch, from 3-5 year monomeric films right up to 10-12 year cast PVC films.
We have selected the closest colour match regardless of manufacturer  to the Pantone® printing ink colour, and in the event of a tie in vinyl colour matches we have selected the most durable vinyl.
If there is no match then bear in mind we also offer bespoke Pantone® colour matched vinyls for as little as 1 x 50M roll – you can find out more below.

Can’t find the exact sign vinyl colour..?

We offer bespoke Pantone® colour matched sign vinyls – we can match vinyls to any bespoke colour you need!

Bespoke colour matched vinyls can be ordered in relatively small quantities, and aren’t as costly as you might think…

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For more information about Pantone® coloured vinyls contact our sales offices on:
01753 696977 or 01709 829800 or email to discuss your needs.