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Flat Surfaces Mid Term

A complete collection of mid term print laminates used for applications onto flat surfaces. Featuring universal & specialised overlaminates from the leading manufacturers.

A range of monomeric pressure sensitive laminates for use over Solvent, Latex and Aqueous inks, covering short to mid term flat-sided applications. The matched laminates for the MPI 3000 print vinyls.
Primarily for the protection of floor graphics but also used for wall applications, a non-PVC, PP (polypropylene) laminate with a wet PTV of 52 which is the equivalent of an R12 rating for slip resistance.
The best laminates for UV prints in our range! These print laminates can be used universally over all printing inks. Most of the films are Class 0 fire rated. 3-5 year outdoor life, colour neutral, 80µ PVC pressure sensitive laminating films with a photograde clear adhesive that guarantees a high bond with minimal silvering and bridging around heavily UV inked areas.
A complete range of fire rated, 70µ-80µ monomeric PVC pressure sensitive laminates that cover short to mid term flat-sided applications. Additionally, LF 8510 CS PP provides a PVC-free option. For Solvent, Latex and Aqueous inks, additionally products with 'UV' have improved adhesion for digital UV prints.
Fire rated, 100µ textured laminating PVC film for internal applications with a service life of around 3 months dependent on traffic, also slip rated to DIN EN 13036-4 and is borderline for external use. For lamination over Solvent, Latex and UV inks. Slip rated to DIN 51130 anti-slip group R10. Suitable for both wall and floor applications.
Non-PVC 60µ fire rated polypropylene, pressure sensitive print laminates for use over Solvent, Latex, UV and Aqueous inks, to cover short to mid term flat-sided applications. These are the matched laminates for the Nu-Print 'O' Series printable PP films. Made in the UK.