A number of pressure sensitive laminates primarily for protecting prints against damage and graffiti.

    AGU-30 Gloss
    50µ easy to handle polypropylene film that also works on UV prints and our lowest cost anti-graffiti film protecting your prints from graffiti damage for up to 1 year outdoors.
    DOL 4300 Gloss
    Our longest lasting polyester anti-graffiti laminate.
    LAG100 Satin
    For applications requiring a satin anti-graffiti laminate that can also be conformed over contours.
    LUV7036 Gloss
    36µ gloss optically clear high quality polyester, this 3 year anti-graffiti film can protect prints against permanent damage from graffiti paints and is suitable as a laminate across all print technologies including UV.
    LUV7499 Gloss
    80µ gloss clear polypropylene anti-graffiti laminate that is free of chlorine and phthalates and is suitable for indoor and short term outdoor applications.
    PG7034 Gloss
    A 30µ gloss clear polypropylene film on a 36µ clear polyester liner that can be used as dry-wipe film with appropriate marker pens, or as an internal low cost anti-graffiti film.
    T26-P-P Gloss
    Gloss clear dry-wipe laminate for creation of write-on/wipe-off wipeboards and anti-graffiti applications. The specially treated surface provides a one wipe solution resulting in no ghosted images or ink residues left behind - the surface is completely clean again after only a few effortless wipes.
    T27-P-P Satin
    T27-P-P Satin clear anti-graffiti laminate instantly repels paints - it will deter graffiti artists from vandalising your graphics when they simply watch the spray paint fail to adhere. A 50µ paint and scratch resist anti-graffiti film with a 3 year outdoor life.  

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