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Sign Tapes

Some essential sign tapes for the sign and digital industry, including ‘hook and loop’, double-sided and banner tapes.

300µ thick, Bannerbond GM-740 is a very high quality double-sided banner tape for hemming PVC banners with excellent initial grab and excellent long term adhesion.
DS-C-2065F is a clear, high tack double-sided sign tape, our alternative to Tesa 4965.
FM-W-10P High tack white 1mm thick PE foam double-sided tape.
HOOK and LOOP white textile pressure sensitive tapes that are ideal for temporarily holding signs and displays.
UHB-C-10F is our Ultra High Bond (UHB) clear 1mm thick acrylic double-sided tape, ideal for the invisible bonding of materials and also has the highest shear strength in our range for maximum loading.