Sign Vinyl Applicators

Every type of squeegee and sign vinyl applicator you will need for any application!
Squeegees (plain or felt edged… hard or soft), FleXtreme squeegees for intricate inaccessible areas, a vinyl removal chiseller tool, Garment vinyl application tools, window graphic applicators…

    The Chiseller white tool is for removing old vinyl.
    Felt Block Squeegee - Mactac
    Mactac's 4" felt block squeegee is our softest applicator.
    Felt Edged Squeegee - APS
    The APS 4" felt edged squeegee is easy to use on all vinyls.
    Felt Edged Squeegee - Avery Dennison
    Avery Dennison's blue 4" Squeegee Pro is a medium-flex squeegee, and a highly effective tool for flat or slightly curved surfaces.
    FleXtreme Squeegee
    The FleXtreme is a micro-squeegee that is specifically designed for vinyl graphic wrapping applications - available in a hard or soft version.
    Gold Squeegee - APS
    The APS 4" gold ribbed nylon squeegee is ideal for wrapping.
    Green Velvet Squeegee Strips
    Roll of self-adhesive green velvet for application to your squeegee edge to ensure a scratch free vehicle wrap. Made in the UK.
    GT020 Window Squeegee - Unger
    The GT020 Unger snappable squeegee is the ideal applicator for large window graphics.
    GT118-6 Refill Squeegee Strips - Unger
    GT118-6 Unger 6" blue strip refills for the GT020 squeegee.
    Red Squeegee - Mactac
    Mactac's 4" red ribbed soft plastic squeegee is our lowest cost applicator.
    Teflon Squeegee - APS
    The APS 4" Teflon white ribbed squeegee just glides over the vinyl.
    White Squeegee - Mactac
    Mactac's 4" white ribbed plastic squeegee has a harder formulation than the red version.

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