Speciality Laminates

Mactac’s PERMAfun graphics lamination range consists of 3 unusual effect films to add different textures and finishes to your prints. Special adhesive system allows excellent adhesion on all kinds of inkjet digital inks, including UV.

    PERMAfun Brushed Metal
    A 100µ premium polymeric laminate with a satin fine brush structure designed for high profile applications over flat to slightly curved (convex) surfaces, and to create unique effects for interior design, hotel decoration, retail etc.
    PERMAfun Coarse Grain Wood
    A 100µ premium polymeric vinyl that adds structure and body to your prints or cut-outs on coloured vinyls, creating interesting wood effects and can also be applied directly on to UV prints.
    PERMAfun Crystal Gloss
    A premium cast vinyl with high gloss and high concentration of sparkling light refracting additives to create unique effects in e.g. fleet marking, logos, etc. or on the surface of your substrate for a glistening appearance, or to greatly enhance the colours of your high quality graphics.

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