Display Stands & Frames

Some elegant display systems perfect for portable exhibition graphics and point of sale (P.O.S.), hanging banners, retail graphic displays, light boxes, backlit applications, offices and graphic framing.
We also offer a wide range of Flag Pole Stands and Flag Making products in our Fabric Media and Accessories section (click here).

    Altona Two Banner Stand
    Our best value retractable roll-up banner stand - perfect for exhibition graphics, point of sale (P.O.S.) and portable displays.
    Spider Display Frame Fabric Insertion Tool
    An essential tool for inserting display fabrics into our 'Spider Tension Display Frame System'.
    Spider Keder-Track Banner Tension Display System
    This keder system of tension display frames are typically used for hanging banners, outward projecting wall banners, exhibition graphics, retail graphics, office screens. Made in the UK.
    Spider Tension Display Frame System
    A lightweight and easy to construct tension frame for display fabrics suitable for use everywhere, including exhibitions, retail displays, light boxes, backlit applications, offices and for wall coverings. Made in the UK.

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