Nazdar Lyson 155 solvent inks for Mimaki JV5, HS digital inkjet printers.

Inks for Solvent Printing:

Solvent Inks for Mimaki JV3, JV33, JV5 and CJV

Nazdar equivalent inks for Mimaki JV3, JV33, JV5 & CJV are made in the United Kingdom.Nazdar's 153 Series high quality third party hard solvent inks are a real alternative to the manufacturers' OEM HS inks for the Mimaki JV3, JV33, JV5 and CJV.

The base process colours are identical to the eye so eliminate the need to re-profile.

Users of Mimaki ES3 ink cartridges can now change to Nazdar 153 Series ink and there is no need to flush the original inks away prior to change over.

Simply just plug in the Nazdar cartridge when you've run out of original ink and carry on printing - you will see no change.

Nazdar Lyson 153 Series inks offer excellent print head and nozzle performance with long term exterior durability and resistance to the effects of UV degradation.

The colours are high intensity, high gloss and achieve consistent colour density values.

The 153 inks also offer excellent adhesion and flexibility on most digital inkjet media.

Products Available:

» Technical Data Sheet.

Nazdar offer the Industry's strongest third-party warranty.
They warrant the Lyson Series Ink to withstand exterior exposure without material deterioration when viewed under normal conditions for a period of up to two years (for full warranty statement go to

Product Ink Colour Cartridge Size Single Price
Nazdar Lyson 153 Cyan ink Cyan 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Light Cyan ink Light Cyan 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Magenta ink Magenta 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Light Magenta ink Light Magenta 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Yellow ink Yellow 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Black ink Black 440ml £60.00
Nazdar Lyson 153 Flush Solution Flush Solution 220ml £33.50

"Since switching to Nazdar inks we have found the level of colour consistency to be amazing.
We are also impressed by the amount of prints per ink cartridge we are achieving since swapping.
The plug and go simplicity of the cartridges made changing ink products simple and painless."
- Mark in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

"We switched to Nazdar inks 3 months ago and we are very pleased with the results.
The colours are so much more vibrant and we do not seem to be getting so many problems with the heads on our printer getting blocked.
On the whole so far we are very impressed and have no regrets in making the switch."
- Steve in Swindon, Wiltshire.

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