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All the films in our vinyl range are available "buy the metre".

We've introduced several new products to our 'Vinyls for Signmaking' product range this year.

Avery Dennison logo - All Print Supplies are now an official Avery distributor for a large selection of their appropriate sign vinyls from the Avery ranges, in addition to the existing brands we continue to stock.We have just launched the Avery Dennison 777 CF cast film range in the UK.
This 60µ cast PVC range is in over 100 REACH compliant shades and has an outdoor life of up to 8 years.
As you would expect from a cast PVC It has good conformability over corrugations and a high gloss finish.
What you won't expect is the price which is more in line with polymeric pricing rather than more expensive cast.

Avery Dennison made a strategic decision last year to completely discontinue the JAC brand and replace it with Avery Dennison equivalents.

We are delighted to announce we are now an official Avery Dennison distributor and have selected the appropriate Avery Dennison ranges to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

Bespoke colour matched vinyls
are available from All Print Supplies

XXXXOur customers are using bespoke Pantone colour matched vinyls from the Avery Dennison range supplied by All Print Supplies.

If you need any specific colour matched to a Pantone reference, or any bespoke colour, then contact our sales offices on:
01753 696977 or 01709 829800
or email to discuss your needs.



Some product highlights:

This image shows 5 x Avery Dennison swatches fanned out in a semi-circle shape around the partially opened Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping film CAD vinyl swatch for car wrapping. The photo shows the 500 Event Film, 700 Performance Film, 700 Premium Film, 800 Premium Cast film and the 900 Super Cast vinyl swatches from Avery Dennisons range of CAD vinyls.
  • Avery Dennison 500 Event Film: this intermediate monomeric gloss and matt coloured vinyl range completely replaces the JAC Serical range.
    The colour range in Avery Dennison 500 matches exactly the colours in the JAC Serical range.
    Technically the Avery Dennison 500 and JAC Serical are exactly the same so the transition is straightforward.
  • Avery Dennison 700 Premium Film: this high performance polymeric film completely replaces the JAC Serisign range. All the colours(and more) that were available in JAC Serisign are currently available in the 700 range.
    In addition there are many more new shades and the Avery Dennison 700 PF range has the massive advantage of a solvent acrylic adhesive which is more durable than the adhesive on the JAC Serisign.
  • Avery Dennison 777 Cast Film: High performance cast PVC at polymeric pricing.
  • Avery Dennison 800 Premium Cast Film: Up to 10 year cast PVC.
  • Avery Dennison 900 Super Cast Film: Up to 12 years with decades of performance history to back it up.
  • All Print Supplies offer a swatch showing all of our window decoration films - our complete and comprehensive range of etch effect vinyls and coloured window films, as well as metallics are all included! We have created the swatch so the vinyls are presented with no liner so you can see the full effect of the finish as if it were applied to a window!Decorative Window Film swatch:
    Last year we launched a new Decorative Window Film swatch that features 55 products including monomeric, polymeric and cast PVC etch type films to cover all applications.
    The most popular films are also available in pre-cut circles and squares with application tape attached to save you the hassle.
    We also have 8 metallised polyester films including our NEW Silvertone range which are a subtle and eye-catching range of silverised PVC/PET hybrid films in elemental shades.
  • Following on from the successful launch of the ORALITE 5200 Economy reflective range, we have now brought in the ORALITE 5400 Commercial reflective range.
    ORALITE 5200 is a conformable cast PVC flexible reflective film to classification RA1, design A (formerly type 1) and has both excellent adhesion and good long term removability.
    It has a PVC surface for eco-solvent and latex printing and is more durable, reflective and conformable than the 5200 series.
    ORALITE 5500 is an Engineering grade film with a 7 year outdoor life.
    The reflectivity values of each colour meet the requirements of EN-12899-1 and the range is completely REACH compliant.

is a European Union regulation concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals.
Certain heavy metals are no longer allowed to be used.
There is some impact on certain colours, mostly reds, oranges and yellows where the new REACH compliant colours may have slightly different shade and opacitiy properties.

All our manufacturers of PVC are now working to the latest REACH regulation. This may impact certain reds, oranges and yellow colours. Please contact our Sales Offices for the very latest information.

Technical advice and support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of our media, call our sales office on:
01753 696977 for the Southern Office, or
01709 829800 for the Northern Office,
or email to place orders or if you have any questions about our range of vinyls for signmaking products.

Let us take the hassle out of your material supply and enable you to concentrate on your customers.

Buy The Metre: LG LC5520 etched glass effect window film is available to buy in linear metres or in full vinyl rolls.And don't forget that all the materials in our vinyl range are available "buy the metre" so you only need to buy what you need.