Solvent Printing:
Handling, printing and storing of solvent media

Colour profiling being peformed in the All Print Supplies Media Test Centre so we can provide ICC media profiles for better colour reproduction to our customers across our range of solvent printing media.Using correctly written media profiles takes the guesswork out of printing, will raise output quality, ensure colour consistency and reduce ink costs. Contact the Sales Offices regarding the very latest in profile availability.

It is recommended that you replace the materials back in their poly bag and stand vertically on end after printing to help reduce the risk of dust and dirt contamination.

Most of the printer manufacturers believe that the self-adhesive materials need to be left for 24 hours before being cut or trimmed in order to let retained solvents evaporate.
Cutting the product very quickly after printing can lead to edge lift of the self-adhesive face material particularly in areas of high ink coverage.
It is advisable to leave prints for 24 hours before lamination for the same reasons as above.

The life expectancy of the products on this website are for the materials unprinted. After printing the expected outdoor performance will be dependent on the type of printer, ink formulation, the laminate and many other factors. The printer reseller should be able to provide you with guidelines.

Our legal liability for accidental bodily injury or damage to the property of third parties in the course of the business including products supplied is limited to £2M in any one incident. A copy of our Public/Products Liability certificate is available on request.

APS' Roland Solvent printer - one of the printers that we use in the All Print Supplies Media Test Centre so that we can provide our customers tips and guidance on handling, printing and storage of our wide range of solvent printing media.