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Architectural Media Introduction

Our range of architectural media includes internal & external wall coverings that can be digitally printed for the custom decoration of offices, retail areas and in the home.

A range of wall covering products that can be digitally printed for custom decoration of walls, including:

  • Non-woven for pasting
  • Self-adhesive fabric based
  • Paper backed PVC’s for pasting
  • Non-woven backed PVC’s for pasting
  • Self-adhesive PVC’s both embossed and plain
  • Self-adhesive PVC for external walls

Non-woven base papers are our wallpaper of choice due to its unique material properties such as high internal tear strength, faster fitting times and excellent dimensional stability.
They cost a little more than normal papers but the benefits really do outweigh the extra cost.

For the pasteable products you can use standard cellulose based heavy duty wallpaper paste.

Non-woven’s can be removed easily at the end of life.

We would not recommend lamination of the non-woven’s.

Self-adhesive polyester fabric is becoming more popular for wall decoration as they give a more unique look and touch than PVC’s.

They are more ‘breathable’ than PVC’s and more forgiving to fit as they can be stretched and conformed a little easier, particularly important on older walls.

We would not recommend lamination of the fabrics.

Self-adhesive PVC’s tend to be more durable than polyester fabrics and have the advantage of being scrubbable.
They can be used in busier, dirtier and more difficult areas because they are resistant to moisture and are easily cleaned, but they can be trickier to fit by inexperienced users and should generally be overlapped if tiled.

Some of the smoother PVC’s are suitable for lamination and where this is appropriate we have made some lamination recommendations.

Paper backed PVC’s are often a good choice. They are pasted so easier to get into position, handle uneven walls pretty well and can still be cleaned in-situ.

We would not recommend lamination of these.

Technical Advice and Support

For technical advice or support on how to get the best out of our media, call our sales office on:

Southern Office: 01753 696977
Northern Office: 01709 829800
Email: sales@allprint.co.uk