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    Avery Dennison MPI 2000 High Opacity (HOP) Polymeric Series
    MPI 2000 HOP polymeric range feature high opacity polymeric PVC face films with solvent based acrylic permanent and removable adhesives and are fire rated. The HOP face film, with opacity at over 99%, means that traditional grey opaque adhesives are not required, reducing inventory and improving the consistency of the adhesive.
    Avery Dennison MPI 2800 Polymeric Series
    Avery Dennisons' MPI 2800 Polymeric Series is a lower cost version of the MPI 2000 HOP range with a different release liner and adhesive. Fire rated print vinyls with a choice of permanent, removable or ‘Easy Apply’ adhesive.
    Avery Dennison MPI 8000 Wall Covering Series
    The MPI 8000 Wall Covering Range from Avery Dennison gives design flexibility for even the most ambitious indoor wall vinyl printing applications with new, three dimensional textures, rapid application and reliable print performance with a choice of adhesives to support short or longer term decoration in hospitality areas, retail areas, exhibitions and more.
    SF 100 Ultra Clear PET
    A fire rated, ultra clear non-PVC, printable polyester film ideal for applications such as printed window graphics or decorative decals that require a removable ultra transparent film.

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