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Our range for Solvent, Latex and UV digital printers continues to grow, with over 170 products to choose from, including products from leading manufacturers such as, Mactac, Avery Dennison, LG, Multi-Fix, Sihl, Nu-Coat & DigiSOL.

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    DigiSOL Dry Application Printable Glass Effect Vinyls

    Frosted and Silver tinted self-adhesive printing vinyls for dry applications onto glass surfaces - ideal for applications when working around computers, electronic equipment, in museums etc.

    LG LD2700 Monomeric Series
    The LD2700 range of products all feature solvent based acrylic adhesives, are fire rated and have an external life of 3 years.
    LG LD3800 Monomeric Series
    Ideal for board work, tiled graphics and for decorating walls - these fire rated, 90µ / 100µ thick face films help to prevent the solvent inks from softening the media in printing and stretching when being laminated, making tiling large areas easier. Can be applied at temperatures as low as 2°C.
    LG LD3900 Polymeric Series
    Fire rated, 80µ polymeric face films combined with a solvent acrylic adhesive at an affordable price.

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