Print Media: Garments

    Stahls' COLOR digital SportsFilm
    A heat transfer graphics film ideal for photo-realistic images, or to create multi-coloured designs on garments. The 85µ polyurethane matt white film is thin, very easy to weed, perfect for 'print and cut' and drys very quickly allowing minimum downtime before heat applying onto clothing.
    Stahls' COLOR MagicMask Plus
    A clear heat resistant transfer film for positioning and applying printed heat transfer graphics onto clothing - required for almost all of Stahls' CAD-COLOR products, including COLOR digital SportsFilm and COLOR SuperTEK Sublistop.
    Stahls' COLOR SuperTEK Sublistop
    105µ polyurethane matt white heat transfer film for multi-colour prints onto garments that offers fast, low-temperature heat application and gives a soft, lightweight feel on the garment.
    Stahls' Cover Sheet Grip
    A Cover Sheet protects your garment and upper platen from stains, inks, adhesives, and scratches when under the heat press.