Sign Media: Application Tapes

    Application Film - KleenView KV40 Medium Clear Film
    KleenView 40 clear medium tack application film allows you to see what you are doing when taping graphics.
    Application Tapes - KleenTear
    Our best value application tapes, KleenTear tapes take the hassle out of using transfer tape.
    Application Tapes - R Tape Conform Series
    The Conform Series of graphic application tapes offers improved adhesion to any silicon liner and RLA (Release Liner Adhesion) helps to resist wrinkling, tunnelling and edge curling, even on rolled or stacked cut vinyl graphics. If you frequently post out vinyl graphic sets the Conform tapes are an obvious choice. The range also has options suitable for use with UV inks and varnishes.
    Replacement Liner
    Siliconised backing paper replacement liner used particularly for the setting up of complex multi-coloured images, and is also ideal for stored graphic sets as the vinyl applied to the liner can be left for up to 1 year before use.