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Our best value application tapes, KleenTear tapes take the hassle out of using transfer tape. These products are PVC free.

Product Details

  • Application Tape rolls can be slit to order


Application tapes from KleenTear are our best value range of graphic app’ tapes.

KleenTear application tapes take the hassle out of using graphic transfer tapes.

Transfering black cut vinyl lettering onto an internal window viewed through the glass you can see the application tape being peeled back and exposing the letters, as viewed from the adhesive side of the transfer paper.

The tapes tear cleanly with no adhesive stringing and if adhesive touches adhesive, then KleenTear application tape pulls apart easily with no adhesive damage.

KleenTear application tapes are ideal when applying graphics wet.

Now available in wider widths for digital printers.

If you want to just stock one tack then KT50 Medium Tack should be your pick. It removes most lettering from the liner (if you have small matt text then just flip over the vinyl and remove the liner from the application paper) and works beautifully when you are applying wet.

Products in Range

KleenTear KT50 Medium Tack Paper Application Tape

Our best selling application tape, KT50 Medium Tack paper will work with almost any vinyl graphic image. This product is PVC free. View more info >

KleenTear KT75 High Tack Application Tape Paper

If you are working with small complicated lettering on matt vinyls then KT75 High Tack paper application tape may be the best option as it will remove even the most stubborn lettering from the liner. This product is PVC free. View more info >

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