Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films

Three fire rated polyester based films to enhance the performance of flat glazing units, recommended for internal use only. All feature permanent adhesives for wet application.


Avery Dennison Architectural Window Films enhance the performance of flat glazing units.

Three fire rated polyester based films to enhance the performance of flat glazing units. All feature permanent solvent acrylic based adhesives for wet application and are recommended for internal use only.

R Silver 20 Solar Control Film from Avery Dennison on an exterior office building taken from ground levele looking upward the windows tower upwards to dissapear in the blue sky at the top right of the photo.

  • 1D polyester
  • 2 different finishes
  • Internal use
  • Solvent permanent acrylic adhesive
  • Clear PET liner
  • Fire rated EN13501-1
  • Non PVC product

Specific details and Technical Data Sheets for each of the products in this range can be found in the Products In Range links below.

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Products in Range

R Silver 20 Solar Control

A non-PVC, 50µ silver solar film for flat-sided window applications such as office windows, rear windows of vans, etc, designed to last 12 years internally when professionally installed, and incorporates a tough scratch resistant coating. View more info >

SF 8i Bomb Blast

Bomb Blast window protection film, certified to GSA Level C "3B". A fire rated, 200µ optically clear, non-PVC polyester film for flat-sided window applications, such as office windows. View more info >

DR Grey 15i Solar Window Film

A Non-PVC, PET energy saving window film that delivers high levels of protection from solar heat and cuts energy costs by reducing the need for air conditioning. View more info >

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