BB160 Blackboard

160µ matt PVC film, coated to help it receive a variety of chalks – the easy way to create a blackboard / chalkboard.

Product Details

  • 1D monomeric
  • External life of 2 years
  • Acrylic permanent adhesive
  • 140gsm PE coated liner
  • Width of 1250mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 10M, 25M, and ‘buy the metre’
APS product code: BB160


BB160 Blackboard vinyl is the easy way to create a chalkboard.

Blackboard vinyl, BB160 used to create a chalkboard on a wall. The image shows chalked on sums and a stick of broken white chalk next to an unfinished classroom sum.

BB-160 features a matt 160µ PVC film, coated to help it receive a variety of chalks.

It can also be cleaned over and over without smearing the face.

Not suitable for liquid chalk pens.

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