Green Velvet Squeegee Strips

Roll of self-adhesive green velvet for application to your squeegee edge to ensure a scratch free vehicle wrap. Made in the UK.

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Product Details

  • Sold individually
  • Made in the UK


Spare self-adhesive Green Velvet Squeegee Strips provide a soft, replacement edge that is stuck over the edge of vinyl applicator squeegees.

1M x 22mm wide strip of Green Velvet, with the liner protection for the adhesive side visible and the lush texture of the soft green velvet on the other side, ready for sticking to the edge of a plastic vinyl wrapping squeegee.

The Green Velvet Squeegee Strips come in a roll of self-adhesive green velvet for application to your squeegee edge to ensure a scratch free vehicle wrap.

Green Velvet Squeegee Strips serve the same purpose as Felt Edged squeeges, except these are made of soft velvet, not felt, and unlike darker felt coverings the light green colour makes it easier to see when the edge is worn out and needs replacing.

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