700 BF Sublime Series

The MACal Tuning Film Sublime 85µ opaque range consists of matt and gloss polymeric PVC films which are conformable, dimensionally stable and ideal fo wrapping of vehicles and boats with a repositionable adhesive.

Product Details

  • External life of 8 years for black and white, 7 years for all the colours and 6 years for the metallics
  • Bubble-free solvent permanent repositionable adhesive
  • 145gsm backprinted PE coated liner
  • Fire rated EN13501-1
  • Width of 1524mm
  • Available in any roll length between 1M – 25M


APS product code: MACal 700 BF Sublime Series


The MACal 700 BF Sublime range of bubble-free tuning films are conformable and dimensionally stable and ideal for wrapping of vehicles and boats.

The Sublime 85µ opaque range consists of matt and gloss polymeric PVC films.

Long-life low tack solvent acrylic bubble-free micro-structured repositionable adhesive system that allows the user to easily remove and re-apply the vinyl during application and to press out small trapped air bubbles.

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