A 550gsm coated and fire rated smooth matt scrim PVC banner, PF550 is the strongest banner in our range, suitable for across-the-street applications where wind resistance is a major issue. For printing with Solvent, Latex and UV inks. B1 Fire rated.

Product Details

  • Fire rated DIN 4102-1 B1
  • Widths of 1100mm, 1370mm and 1600mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 30M and ‘buy the metre’


PF550 is a 550gsm coated and fire rated, smooth matt scrim PVC banner.

If you are looking for a banner that hangs flat and is both strong and smooth then PF550 is the product to look at.

This coated frontlit scrim PVC banner can be taped with our Bannerbond GM740 double-sided taped, welded or stitched.

It is a brilliant white shade and is the strongest banner in our range.

The tensile strength is 2,500/2,500 N/5cm and tear strength is 250/250 N.

The scrim pattern is very tight which makes the surface very smooth to print on whilst retaining its strength.

Print quality is superb and this coated banner hangs flatter than any of the other scrim reinforced banners in our range.

Fire rated, smooth matt scrim banner PF550 media sample is folded over at the top right hand corner to show both the front printed side and the unprinted back.

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