PMF Flexible Grey

80µ soft grey, semi-transparent PVC paint mask stencil film for flexible surfaces, such as vehicle curtains, with an ultra-removable adhesive.
We consider this to be the best stencil film in Europe!

Product Details

  • 2D
  • Acrylic removable adhesive
  • 140gsm kraft liner
  • Widths of 625mm and 1250mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 10M, 25M, 50M and ‘buy the metre’
APS product code: APS: PMF


For flexible surfaces, such as vehicle curtains, we consider PMF Flexible Grey to be the best stencil film in Europe.

PMF Flexible Grey is an 80µ soft grey, semi-transparent PVC stencil film with an ultra-removable adhesive.

The film is soft and pliable which helps it to mould into reinforced PVC surfaces ensuring no edge creep of paint under the PVC stencil.

The adhesive is highly cohesive allowing the film to be removed from most surfaces with no adhesive transfer.

This product is compatible with most 2-pack paint systems, but do not apply to painted surfaces less than 24 hours old.

The paint mask film should be removed from the substrate within 4 hours of application to avoid adhesive transfer.

Some of our customers have successfully used vinyl screen printing inks for marking curtain sided vehicles.

There can be problems when using stencil films in conjunction with cellulose paints.
Consequently, due to the complexity of paints and inks used, it is the responsibility of the end user to test for compatibility.

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