Satin white, 60µ non-PVC polypropylene with a PermPLUS permanent adhesive on a 140gsm neutral PE liner. A fire rated, 4 year external self-adhesive print film for Latex and UV printing inks.

Product Details

  • LATEX and UV
  • 1D
  • External life of 4 years
  • Permanent clear UV polyacrylate adhesive
  • 140gsm PE coated liner
  • Fire rated EN13501-1
  • Width of 1370mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 50M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Made in the UK
  • Non PVC product


O13-P-P, satin white, PVC free self-adhesive print film with PermPLUS permanent adhesive.

O13-P-P is a fire rated 60µ satin white PVC free, self-adhesive print film with a 4 year external life.

It is a polypropylene print film with a PermPLUS permanent adhesive on a 140gsm neutral PE liner.

For Latex and UV printing only.

This self-adhesive PVC free print film is also available with a HighGRAB permanent adhesive option, O13-H.

For lamination the Nu-Finish ‘O’ Series range of print finishing films offers a matched/paired PVC free laminate, O21-P-P for laminating over Solvent, Latex, UV and Aqueous printing inks.

Non-PVC print film, O13-H-P high-tack self-adhesive speciality media product brand group image is a close up of a beautiful face painted with eco-green leafy vein patterns and a close-up on one green eye. The bottom right hand corner of the graphic is curling upwards to signify a self-adhesive vinyl graphic being applied.

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APS product code: O13-P-P

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