Self-Adhesive Wall Magnetic

A non-printable, 0.55mm self-adhesive brown magnetic backing sheet to create magnetic walls, onto which ‘quick-change’ printed ferrous products such as our FCP200 are positioned.

Product Details

  • Width of 1000mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 20M and ‘buy the metre’


0.55mm self-adhesive brown magnetic wall film for creating magnetic walls.

Our 0.55mm self-adhesive magnetic material is supplied in convenient 1M wide rolls.

This is a non-printable magnetic backing sheet onto which the ‘quick-change’ printable ferrous products such as our FCP200 are positioned.

Use 0.55mm magnetic with our printable FCP200 to create ‘quick-change’ graphic solutions that consists of only two key parts:

  • Part 1: A permanent ‘magnetic wall’ made of our 0.55mm self-adhesive magnetic material, which is left in situ
  • Part 2: Changeable graphics made with FCP200 or similar which cling onto the ‘magnetic wall’, and can be changed or replaced as often as your campaign dictates

How to create quick change retail & POS graphics with MAGNETIC wall + FCP200 ferrous vinyls

We’ve created this video application guide to show how to create quick change signs and graphics for retail, POS and for other dynamic sign and graphic environments. Easily update your wall display graphics and promotion signs quickly, cleanly and tidily, with no mess and no tools whatsoever:

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