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Product Testing

Being able to offer good technical support and advice on how to use our large range of sign & display media has always been an important part of our complete service.

Because of our in-house, independent product testing facilities we are able to provide our customers with:

  • Custom made tailored profiles
  • Colour profiling
  • Advice and support on handling our media
  • Additional data and knowledge of our media, such as adhesive and shear strengths, peel adhesion, gloss values of face films, conformability and more
  • Pantone to Vinyl colour matching (manufacturing of Bespoke Pantone coloured sign vinyls is also available)

For more information, samples, or pricing, call our sales offices on: 01753 696977 or 01709 829800, or email: sales@allprint.co.uk with any questions.

Colour profiling being peformed in the All Print Supplies Media Test Centre so we can provide ICC media profiles for better colour reproduction to our customers across our range of solvent printing media.Our dedicated print room team use digital printers with Solvent, Latex and UV ink as well as vinyl cutters, laminators and software to help customers get the best out of our range of media.

Using leading RIP technology from Onyx, Rasterlink, and Versaworks we can provide custom made tailored profiles for a broad range of digital printers, advice on the best settings and support on how to handle and process our impressive range of media.

Our dedicated colour profiler can also work on site to provide bespoke colour profiles.

Product testing CAD sign vinyl colours by comparing, visually measuring and recording our range of CAD vinyl colours against Pantone colours in our Pantone Colour Booth.Using our Pantone® colour booth we can now give customers a quick, simple and straightforward answer on colour match requests under a range of lighting conditions. This includes daylight, retail lighting and office environment.

We are also using a Hunterlab Miniscan EZ to provide accurate colour values in whatever format is needed including L*a*b* and also LCH and provide accurate details of colour differences.

We provide an easy Pantone® to Vinyl colour picker tool on this website to help our customers match Pantone® Gloss Spot Colour printing inks to sign vinyl colours – we use a -1 to 5 star rating (-1 star is the worst, up to 5 stars for a perfect colour match).

We only indicate one vinyl colour match on this website but in some cases we have identified more than one vinyl per Pantone® colour, so call us to discuss alternative vinyl/adhesive suggestions.

We don’t reveal the result of who the manufacturer/range is on this site, so once you have found a suitable colour match in our sign vinyl range contact our sales teams to request a sample.

In order to give our customers more information quickly, we have invested in a complete new in-house laboratory.

This includes analytical equipment such as Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) which is a technique used to obtain an infrared spectrum of absorption or emission of a solid, so if something in the product has changed we can identify and take remedial action very quickly.

Media testing in All Print Supplies Laboratory, weighing and recording adhesive weights.We also have adhesive testing equipment for peel adhesion, shear strength (static, dynamic and elevated temperatures), gloss meters, temperature controlled ovens and a humidity/temp controlled sample store.

We can accurately measure key physical properties; these include gloss level, thickness, shrinkage, whiteness, peel adhesion and also tensile strengths.

This is helping us to build an independent picture of the quality of the range of products we supply.

These tests are carried out using standard FINAT, DIN or ISO test methods.

We can measure the adhesion of our self-adhesive products to a range of substrates typically used by our customers, including glass, stainless steel, MDF and polypropylene.

We can also measure the tensile strength and elasticity of our self-adhesive products.

This is a good measure of how stretchable and conformable a product is to use and helps us to offer guidance on the best self-adhesive product to use for specific applications, be it simple flat panels, to curved and deeply recessed panels.

® is the property of Pantone LLC.

Media testing, measuring and recording adhesive peel values in our in-house laboratory in Slough.

Placing media prepared onto various substrates into our small oven testing for durability and shrinkage under heat conditions.

Testing for durability, shrinkage and performance of our media under cold conditions in our in-house laboratory.

Do you have any additional questions about how we test our range of sign, display and graphics products?

For all enquiries and to request samples and pricing, call us on: 01753 696977 or 01709 829800 or email: sales@allprint.co.uk