LG VIZUON LP809904 vehicle wrapping cast laminate for vinyl wraps is available to buy by the linear metre from All Print Supplies Ltd.

Wrap Laminates:

For 3D vehicle wrapping – 7 year laminate for deep profiles

LG LP809904 cast wrap laminate for deep profiles laminated on top of a matchged cast print vinyl and shown being heated with a heatgun and the correct temperature being meaured with a laser IR thermometer to make sure the vinyl is not undercooked or burnt as it is applied into the deep recesses of theis Sprinter can door panel. LP809904 is the matched 40µ gloss clear conformable cast PVC laminate for the LG printable cast vinyls, LD8210 and LD923T.

This 40µ, 7 year, 3D wrap laminate is suitable for deep profile work.

It is easy to mould into deep profiles such as the deep body recesses on Sprinter type vans but still needs to be reheated up to a temperature of 80-90ºC.

For detailed instructions please also refer to the Technical Information: Car Wrapping section on this website.

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Available in:
22M and 45M rolls in widths of 1370mm and 1520mm.
Buy the metre: non-standard roll lengths are surcharged at 33%

For the complete list of our vehicle wrapping laminates select the 'Wrap Laminates' link from the navigation menu on your left, or use the direct links below to see the individual products within this category:

LG VIZUON™ LP5912G - a gloss polymeric calendered laminate with a permanent adhesive for protection of prints on 2D vehicle wraps. LP5912G is the matched laminate for LD593TM.

Avery Dennison DOL 1460 Gloss Clear and Avery Dennison DOL 1480 Matt Clear - 5 year clear cast laminates for protection of printed wrap graphics on applications over 3D contoured surfaces. The recommended laminates for Avery Dennison MPI 1104 and MPI 1104 EA.

LG VIZUON™ LP809904 - 40µ, 7 year cast laminate for deep recesses in bodywork on vehicle wraps with deep profles; the matched gloss clear PVC laminate for LG printable cast vinyls LD8210 and LD923T.

Mactac CastLAM Gloss (LUV3399) - 30µ ultra gloss clear, conformable cast PVC, 4 year laminate - specifically designed by Mactac to laminate digital UV prints, the high tack adhesive also works well with eco-solvent and latex inks.

Mactac CastLAM Matt (LF3398) - 30µ matt clear, conformable cast PVC, 5 year laminate - designed primarily for car wrapping.

Mactac PERMAfun - a range of three speciality 5 year clear laminates that add sparkle or textured finishes to coloured vinyls and digital prints. Available in; Coarse Wood Grain and Brushed Metal texture effects, and glistening crystal gloss.