Sign Tapes:
Hook and Loop tape for Signs and Displays

White textile pressure sensitive tape

White textile pressure sensitive'Hook and Loop' tape. The image shows both the hook and the loop sides stuck together and folded back on itself.

Adhesive backed white hook and loop tape is ideal for temporarily holding signs and displays.

Each side sold separately.






Available in a 25M roll in widths of 20mm and 50mm
These Pressure Sensitive ‘Hook and Loop’ sign tapes are available individually, or in boxes of 10.

Product Roll Size Single Box of 10
Hook or Loop Tape -
White pressure sensitive adhesive backed tape
20mm x 25M £13.93 ea £125.44
(box of 10)
50mm x 25M £33.29 ea n/a

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HOOK and LOOP Tape - white textile pressure sensitive tape. This adhesive backed white ‘Hook and Loop’ tape is ideal for temporarily holding signs and displays.