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    JT 8300 WM-RT Dot Floors
    200µ matt white vinyl for 'one-part' printed floor graphics (does not need lamination) for Solvent, Latex and UV inks. Mactac's 'Dot' adhesive allows for easy installation without using specialist tools or water. 1 month indoor life for pedestrian traffic and slip rated with a Pendulum Test Value of greater than 36, which is low slip potential.
    Mactac 1169
    120µ two-way silver gloss PVC/PET hybrid printing film compatible with most printers. It can be plotter cut, is fast to weed - even for small letters and fine lines! This material provides a ‘mirror like’ finish on both sides. 6 months outdoor life.
    Mactac JT 5000 Glass Decor Series
    A range of printable vinyls and polyester films for use on glass surfaces and illuminated signs.
    Mactac JT 5425 PUV
    100µ gloss white modified polyolefin non-PVC film with a permanent adhesive. For UV printing only.
    Mactac JT 5826 P
    70µ very soft matt white PVC with a permanent adhesive designed for application to plasticised banners.
    Mactac JT 8500 Monomeric Series (Printvinyl)
    All products in the JT 8500 Series monomeric range are fire rated, 3 year print vinyls featuring 90µ-95µ monomeric PVC face films with acrylic permanent and acrylic removable adhesives in clear or grey adhesive versions.
    Mactac JT 8700 Monomeric Series (JT 5800)
    All the products in Mactac's JT 8700 (ex. JT 5800) monomeric range are fire rated and feature 100µ PVC face films with solvent acrylic permanent and removable adhesives, in clear or grey versions.
    Mactac JT 9500 and JT 9700 Polymeric Series
    High quality and fire rated polymeric vinyls from Mactac, with solvent based adhesives and a choice of recommended laminates. (ex. MACpoly & JT 5929 P/PM).
    Mactac StreetRap
    85µ white matt vinyl with a very aggressive permanent adhesive. Designed for application to slightly rough pedestrian surfaces like concrete and asphalt with an outdoor life of 3-6 months when laminated with FloorGrip or StreetLam respectively.
    Mactac WW Wall Wrap Series
    A full range of wall wrap products for the internal and external decoration of buildings. WW Silky is a PVC free product.
    One Way Vision Films
    This range  of 'One-way vision' vinyls for windows features a handful of perforated vinyls with different hole ratios suitable for different printer technologies.

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