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Our range for Solvent, Latex and UV digital printers continues to grow, with over 170 products to choose from, including products from leading manufacturers such as, Mactac, Avery Dennison, LG, Multi-Fix, Sihl, Nu-Coat & DigiSOL.

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    Non-Adhesive Polyester
    A range of non-adhesive polyester printing films for use on glass surfaces, and for illuminated signage.
    Sihl 3454
    A bright white, thick 240gsm PE coated glossy photo paper for optimal stiffness with a coating for improved drying with the structure of both the base material and the coating ensuring a robust surface for long-lasting interior use, even without lamination.
    Sihl 3508 DuraSOL
    A 430µ satin white rigid PVC for pop-ups with white backed tear resistant rigid PVC film and a waterfast coating making it suitable for rigid displays and pop-up systems, with good opacity, tear and scratch resistance.
    Sihl 3515 PolySOL
    A 180µ fully opaque satin polyester with a grey light stop for roll-ups, offering good scuff resistance which means some customers are using it unlaminated, however laminated correctly the finished roll-up will hang flat within 15 minutes.
    Sihl 3516 PolySOL
    A 310µ opaque satin polyester for pop-ups, offering quick, easy and economical production of pop-up displays with a fully opaque and stable polyester and a light stop grey back-coat.
    Sihl 3526 QuadraSorb
    A 150gsm matt coated instant dry indoor paper for internal use, this is our fastest drying and most competitively priced paper for Solvent, Latex, Aqueous and Dye-based printing.
    Sihl 3529 SyntiSOL
    A 170µ easy-tack self-adhesive satin polypropylene film designed for easily moved around graphics on smooth surfaces, with good scratch and scuff resistance and is a more environmentally friendly option than PVC for recycling.
    Sihl 3629 SyntiSOL
    A 170µ satin white PP film with a waterproof coating, this lightweight semi opaque film has a paper like appearance with excellent durability and tear resistance, suitable for roll-ups and other applications.  
    Sihl 3683 TriSolv
    A 135gsm self-adhesive blue backed poster paper which can be used as an instant cover-all poster, or as a more eco-friendly alternative to vinyls on boards as it will not stretch when mounted and can be used unlaminated.
    Sihl 3684 TriSolv
    A multilayer coated, water and weather resistant bright white paper which is ideal for billboard applications, with base paper sourced from certified managed forests.
    Sihl 3686 TriSolv
    A 200gsm gloss outdoor poster paper and our best-selling and premium Solvent poster paper, with the most vibrant print quality and added bonus of superior water, scratch and fade resistance. The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests.
    Sihl 3687 TriSolv
    This cover-all, 130gsm blue backed opaque satin outdoor poster paper has excellent wet strength properties and will typically last 2-3 months outdoors unlaminated. Base paper sourced from certified managed forests.
    Sihl 3689 TriSolv
    This 130gsm satin white outdoor poster paper has a very opaque, coated barrier with excellent wet strength properties, allowing it to be used as an outdoor poster paper as well as in humid environments such as launderettes etc. The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests.
    Sihl 3699 TriSolv
    A 210gsm glossy outdoor poster paper offering brilliant colour reproduction, homogeneous gloss, and improved drying times with a water-repellent surface and a high degree of stiffness.
    Sihl design2wall Range
    A range of non-woven and textile, pasteable and pre-pasted wallpapers for interior decoration.

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