Sihl 3689 TriSolv

130gsm satin white outdoor poster paper with a very opaque, coated barrier and excellent wet strength properties allowing it to be used as an outdoor poster paper, as well as in humid environments. The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests. PVC free.

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Product Details

  • Widths of 1372mm and 1600mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 61M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Non PVC product


Sihl 3689 TriSolv Poster Paper Plus is a 130gsm satin white outdoor poster paper ideal for use in humid environments.

Sihl 3689 TriSolv Poster Paper Plus is a very opaque, barrier coated satin white poster paper that has excellent wet strength properties, which allow it to be used as an outdoor poster paper.

Its resistance to temperature and humidity also allows it to be used in environments with high humidity and extreme temperature variations.

A solvent print on the above poster paper will typically last for 2-3 months outdoors unlaminated.

Lamination will dramatically extend the image life.

Drying times on the poster papers are sometimes slower than our self-adhesive vinyl so take care when handling straight after printing.

Let the prints dry for at least a couple of hours before finishing them.

A forced air dryer such as a fan heater can be used to speed up drying times if required.

The base paper is sourced from certified managed forests.

This product is PVC free.

Sihl TriSolv papers (3683, 368736863689 and 3699) are ideal for billboard applications, with high scratch resistance and good folding performance.

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