Avery Dennison Application Fluids

Some application fluids from Avery Dennison to help apply your adhesive signs quicker and easier, including ‘Surface Cleaner‘ which is the best cleaner and degreaser we have found.

Product Details

A range of fluids for signmakers:

  • Surface Cleaners for different substrates
  • Adhesive Removal fluid


Some sign & graphic application fluids from Avery Dennison, for removal of adhesive from surfaces, and products for cleaning/degreasing in preparation for adhesive applications.

The stand out product is their Surface Cleaner which is the best cleaner and degreaser we have found.

A group shot of the 3 bottles of signmakers fluids from our range of Avery Dennison graphics fluids. From left to right in the photo: A blue bottle of Adhesive Remover, in the middle Green Surface Cleaner bottle and on the right is a large 5Litre bottle of blue Flat Surface Cleaner.

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Products in Range

Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner (1 Litre Bottle)

Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner (green colour) combines the qualities of a detergent with a solvent in the one fluid and is the best cleaner and degreaser that we have found - 1 Litre bottle. View more info >

Avery Dennison Flat Surface Cleaner (5 Litre Bottle)

The Avery Dennison Flat Surface Cleaner (blue colour) is an effective choice for removing day-to-day dirt from substrates during first pass cleaning and is suitable for large flat panels and rigid-sided trucks - 5 Litre bottle. View more info >

Avery Dennison Adhesive Remover (0.5 Litre Bottle)

Avery Dennison's Adhesive Remover (clear colour) is a high performance cleaner designed to make sure that substrates are adhesive-free when graphics are removed - 0.5 Litre bottle. View more info >

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