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Print Media: Windows & Backlit

A fire rated, ultra clear non-PVC, printable polyester film ideal for applications such as printed window graphics or decorative decals that require a removable ultra transparent film.
Two ‘easy to apply’ non-PVC polyester films in White or Clear options with silicone adhesive - ideal for internal window decorations on glass and other similar smooth surfaces, but can also be used for selective external applications onto glass for 18 to 24 months.
Matt front print PET backlit display film. A 200µ non-PVC polyester 'night and day' film optimised for light box advertising graphics. For Solvent, Latex and UV inks.
A range of non-adhesive polyester printing films for use on glass surfaces and for illuminated signage.
A range of self-adhesive vinyls for use mainly on glass surfaces - includes ultra-clear PVC films for ultimate clarity and gloss white one-way & two-way blockout vinyls for window prints.
A range of printable vinyls and polyester films for use on glass surfaces and illuminated signs.
Cling2 static self-cling PVC films are made in the UK. In White & Clear options, these two vinyls are ideal for internal prints and will adhere to any smooth surface - the lack of an adhesive means that there will be no adhesive residue when the printed graphic is removed.
A choice of 'One-way vision' vinyls for windows featuring two perforated vinyls with different hole ratios and for different printer technologies.