Non-Adhesive Polyester

A range of non-adhesive polyester printing films for use on glass surfaces, and for illuminated signage.

Product Details

  • Available in standard roll lengths of 30M and ‘buy the metre’
  • Non PVC products

Viewed from the front and looking upwards showing an illuminated, mounted lightbox display frame in the dark with SBL220 printed backlit film graphic of a bright blue Wolfs eye and dense surrounding black and white fur in close up. The lit frame is shining out from the frame in all directions around the vibrantly printed image with dense blacks and vibrant coloured areas.


A range of non-adhesive polyester films for use on glass surfaces and for illuminated signage.

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Products in Range


Matt front print PET backlit display film. A 200µ non-PVC polyester 'night and day' film optimised for light box advertising graphics. For Solvent, Latex and UV inks. View more info >


Satin finished front print backlit display film. A 220µ non-PVC polyester 'night and day' film optimised for light box advertising with Solvent, Latex and UV printing inks. View more info >


Optically clear gloss unsupported polyester film primarily for window graphics with superb clarity and tear resistance. A 190µ, non-PVC film capable of taking lots of ink - it is also ideal for creating film positives and the like. View more info >

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