Tools & Accessories: Small Tools

    No. 3 Steel Scalpel Handles - Swann Morton
    No. 3 steel scalpel handles to be used with 10A blades. Made in the UK.
    No.3 Steel Scalpel Handle - Replacement Blades - Swann Morton
    No. 10A replacement blades for the No. 3 steel scalpel handles. Made in the UK.
    OLFA Snap-off Knife - SAC-1
    OLFA's SAC-1 retractable snap-off knife comes with a 30° blade.
    OLFA Snap-off Knife - SVR-2
    OLFA's SVR-2 retractable autolock snap-off knife comes with a 45° blade.
    Replacement Blades - OLFA Snap-Off Knives for Graphic Arts
    High-quality carbon tool steel replacement blades for graphic arts. Segmented 9mm snap-off blades with either a 45° blade in 13 segments, or 30° blade in 7 segments.
    Yellow Metal Rulers
    Yellow metal ruler with a non-slip backing.