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OLFA Snap-off Knife – SVR-2

OLFA’s SVR-2 retractable autolock snap-off knife comes with a 45° blade.

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OLFA’s SVR-2 retractable autolock snap off knife comes with a 45° blade.

The OLFA SVR-2 stainless steel slimline knife with 45 degree snap-off blade is pictured below the light blue, OLFA branded packaging the knife is supplied in.

OLFA’s SVR-2 stainless steel knife features an auto-lock blade actuator that allows you to make quick and secure changes to the cutting depth with just one hand.

The pocket clip also doubles as a blade snapper to quickly access a new sharp cutting edge.

Commonly used for window film, tint preparation, and other precision cutting applications.

We stock replacement OLFA blades for the SVR-2 (45° blade), as well as for the SAC-1 (30° blade).

OLFA replacement 45 degree blades for the SVR-2 stainless steel slimline retractable knife, shown in the yellow plastic protective case they are supplied in.

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