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Avery Dennison 900 Fluorescent Series

3 very high gloss fluorescent colours for eye catching promotional campaigns up to 2 years. 170µ cast films designed for applications on flat & curved surfaces. White permanent adhesive, so not suitable for two-way window applications.


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Product Details

  • 1.5D cast
  • 3 gloss fluorescent colours
  • External life of 2 years
  • Solvent permanent acrylic adhesive
  • 135gsm backprinted kraft liner
  • Widths of 615mm and 1230mm
  • Available in standard roll lengths of 10M, 25M and ‘buy the metre’


Avery Dennison 900 Fluorescent Series sign vinyls are for eye catching longer term promotional campaigns up to 2 years.

Avery Dennison 900 Series fluorescent sign vinyls have been used on this vehicle to add visibility and safety features - these brightly coloured contrasting stripes on the bonnet attract the attention of the viewer.

For eye catching longer term campaigns up to 2 years.

170µ very high gloss dual layer cast film with a permanent adhesive designed for applications onto flat and curved surfaces.

Due to the white on the adhesive side the product is not suitable for two-way window applications.

Colours in Avery Dennison 900 Fluorescent Series:

  • 900 Yellow Fluorescent
  • 900 Orange Fluorescent
  • 900 Red Fluorescent

3 coloured sign vinyls from Avery Dennison 900 Series -Yellow, Orange and Red fluorescence colours.

Although not warranted for printing, customers have printed successfully on Solvent, Latex and UV printers.

Our range of fluorescent films also offers KPMF K74000 Series cast films in 5 gloss colours and MACal 8000 Series monomeric films in 5 satin colours.

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