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Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner (1 Litre Bottle)

Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner (green colour) combines the qualities of a detergent with a solvent in the one fluid and is the best cleaner and degreaser that we have found – 1 Litre bottle.

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Product Details

  • Sold in 1 litre bottles with sprayer


Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner combines the qualities of detergent & solvent in one fluid, cleaning & degreasing flat surfaces in preparation for adhesive graphics application.

Avery Dennison Surface Cleaner is a green colour cleaning fluid that cleans and degreases in preparation for application of adhesive graphics.

It contains no solvents making it both more environmentally friendly than solvent-based cleaning products and kinder to the substrate.

Specified and tested by application professionals, Avery Surface Cleaner is simply sprayed on to the substrate, left for a few seconds, then removed with the use of a soft, absorbent cloth.

The Surface Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner that enables you to remove all kinds of residue in one single action, including dirt, wax, tectyl, light silicone, cock-pit sprays, and more.

A highly user-friendly cleaner, it can also be used for removing small adhesive residues from surfaces.

Avery Dennisons' surface cleaner in it's 1 Litre teardrop shaped bottle container. You can see the light green cleaning fluid through the transparent container, with a teardrop shaped neck grip, complete with adjustable srayer nozzle at the top and blue printed label with Avery Dennison branding facing towards the camera.

Avery Dennison Application Fluids Range:

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